Our clinic covers a wide area of the Brimbank City Council, providing knowledgeable and caring vet services to a range of species. Our highly qualified team of vets and vet nurses are committed to providing the highest level of professional service and care for your pet. Our animal health care teams will offer education, advice and care to ensure your pet has the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible. We treat cats, dogs, guinea pigs, rats, mice, birds, and more. We welcome you and your pet to meet our teams at anytime.

We pride ourselves on providing the best veterinary care and services for your pets.

Routine Services

  • General Vet Care
  • Cat & Dog Dentistry
  • Vaccination
  • Microchipping
  • Onsite Pathology
  • Dietary Advice

This clinic offers the Best for Pet Wellness Plan providing care services essential for maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing. Learn more

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Customer reviews

Highly recommend Delahey Vet Clinic, As a clinic and veterinarian delahey exceeded all of my expectation’s. They are warm, welcoming and supportive towards all animals in all shapes and sizes. The appointment process was very simple. No judgement only helpful and supportive advice for treatment options etc was something I found extremely valuable. I have also never met a vet clinic that does follow up calls to ensure the animal is well. I have also never experienced a vet that would offer to have your beloved pet for observations if any concerns! They are over all just amazing. Again highly recommend! Thank you for taking care of our Mindy
Exceptional customer service, care and support. Phenomenal staff who genuinely have your pets best interest and the quality of care is beyond expectation. ❤️ so grateful to find an amazing vet with such a warm friendly vibe it honestly helps with stress when our fur babies need medical attention. Thank you x
Anika D.
"The staff are friendly and helpful. The vets are great. My animals have always been comfortable when they have been seen by the vet. A very clean clinic, which is important! And have a great wellness program that is great for the pocket. We know how expensive it is to take our loved animals to the vet. Would definitely recommend Delahey Veterinary Clinic"
Caroline V.

Opening hours

After hours emergency

Animal Referral Hospital ESSENDON
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Please call in advance for emergency services.

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