Royal Canin puppy and kitten trial bag program

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Supporting your puppy or kitten’s health

Just like humans, nutrition plays a vital role in the growth and development of puppies and kittens. Providing them with the right nutrition from the start sets the foundation for a strong and healthy life.

Kitten feeding and nutrition

During the rapid growth phase, kittens require a protein-rich diet to build muscles, bones, and tissues. A balanced diet is essential to prevent bone and joint issues.​ Additionally, the rapid growth phase puts a strain on their delicate digestive system, emphasising the importance of easily digestible food. Royal Canin carefully selects ingredients based on their nutritional value, quality, and sustainability to ensure kittens receive the essential nutrients for healthy growth and development.

Puppy feeding and nutrition

Puppies have specific nutritional needs due to their rapid growth and developing digestive and immune systems. It’s important to feed them a diet tailored to their size and age until they reach adulthood.

Puppies are sensitive to smells and texture but have a less well-developed sense of taste. Royal Canin selects ingredients rigorously for their aroma, density, texture, and nutritional quality to make formulas as appealing as possible.​ They design kibble texture, shape, and size to suit each size of dog and preserve formulas for freshness.

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      Royal Canin clinic puppy and kitten voucher program


      Aus and NZ residents 18+. To claim, scan the QR code displayed in promotional materials at a Participating Clinic, and complete online form, including consent to receive marketing. Voucher sent by SMS once form is submitted. Voucher is for either $20 or $50 off (depending on bag size) participating products from Royal Canin Kitten, Puppy or Neutered range. Claimants can decide to redeem either the $20 off 2-4kg bag offer, or the $50 off 8kg+ bag offer, but not both. Claimants are eligible to redeem a second voucher of the same value, by following the prompts in the promotional SMS sent 14 days after completion of online form, including signing up to become a Healthy Pets Club Member. Vouchers redeemable at veterinary clinics that stock Royal Canin and display promotional materials for this offer. Vouchers are not valid with any other offer and not redeemable for cash. T&Cs: