From time to time VetPartners is aware that you may provide personally identifying data and information, such as name, address, telephone/fax numbers or e-mail addresses etc. (Data). VetPartners collects Data in a variety of ways, including from publicly available information, when you interact with us electronically, by phone or in person as well as from third parties. 

This Privacy Statement has been developed to explain VetPartners use of your Data and the reasonable precautions in place to keep it confidential and secure. When VetPartners collects Data VetPartners will only collect and process Data when it is provided voluntarily by you. 

Use Data will only be utilised by VetPartners for the specific and limited purposes of providing you with requested products and/or services, issue of a bill to you for requested products and/or services, providing you with a requested quotation for provision of products and/or services, verification of credit, marketing of products and services which we believe may be of interest to you, development of internal marketing analysis and internal strategies as well as compliance with relevant laws and for regulatory purposes. By supplying your Data to VetPartners, you consent to such use.

While it is your right not to provide us with your Data, please note that if you decide not to do so in some circumstances we may not be able to provide you with the requested products and/or services.