At Bathurst Central Animal Hospital, Dr Kirsten and her team are committed to providing the highest level of professional service and care for your pet. We recognise the significance of your pets and the place they hold in your family. Our animal health care team will offer education, advice and care to ensure your pet has the longest, happiest and healthiest life possible. We treat small animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats and mice. We also have cat boarding facilities to accommodate your precious fur family while you are away.

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Routine Services

  • General Vet Care
  • Cat & Dog Dentistry
  • Vaccination
  • Microchipping
  • Onsite Pathology
  • Dietary Advice

This clinic offers the Best for Pet Wellness Plan providing care services essential for maintaining your pet’s health and wellbeing. Learn more

Meet the team

Customer reviews

My first visit with my little very nervous chi/foxy. We had a very Pleasant experience. Reception very efficient but friendly. The vet that attended us was knowledgeable professional but extremely calm while dealing with Lucy. Even when she got her nails clipped. All round very happy.
Sally B.
Been taking our cats and dogs there for years, great friendly service
Gordon H.
What great care and service. I called they fitted me in and saw to my dog very quickly. She is an anxious dog but was pretty relaxed about her visit. My first trip here but wont be my last.
Linda J.

Opening hours

After hours emergency

Animal Referral Hospital & Emergency Vet Homebush
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