Fireworks, Anxiety and your Pet

Fireworks, Anxiety and your Pet

Australia Day and other public holidays are an exciting time for us as humans but for many pets it’s not all fun and games. Sudden loud bangs and explosions, and unexpected noises such as people squealing of excitement can send some pets into frenzy and others into trembling balls of fur. During these times our pets may run away and get themselves into some sticky situations. Here are a few tips and a calming playlist to help your furry friend cope with fireworks and loud noises.

Provide a safe haven: It is important for your pet to have a quiet place available for them to settle in order to feel safe and calm. This is essential during fireworks, parties and thunderstorms to reduce your pet’s nervousness and keep them from escaping. If you are having an Australia Day party, this can upset your pet’s routine so let them hideaway if they wish and let them come out in their own time.

Distractions: Attempt to take your pet’s mind off the loud noises by filling up a box with toys and providing fun training tasks. Remember to never scold your pet during these times of stress, as it can only worsen the situation. TV and music is also a great way to drown out some of the external noise. Relax my dog is great YouTube channel with plenty of playlists you can stream to calm your pet, it can be found here:

Medications: Another option combined with these tips is the use of medication. A product called Adaptil can be used to help reduce the signs of stress in dogs and puppies facing challenging situations. Adaptil products come in collars, diffusers and sprays. Feliway is a calming product that can be used for cats in stressful situations. This product comes in the form of sprays and diffusers. These products can be discussed further at your clinic. Also, if you are a Best for Pet member you can get 20% off Adaptil and Feliway products during the month of January 2017!

Identification Tags: If your pet does manage to escape and go missing, having them microchipped and wearing identification tags gives them the best possible chance to be reunited with your family. If your pet isn’t microchipped, remember you can get a free microchip if you are a Best for Pet member Also, as a Best for Pet member you can get a free collar tag to identify your pet! Talk to your Best for Pet clinic about this.

If you would like to discuss your pet’s anxiety or behaviour further, don’t forget you can call your local clinic to book an appointment with your vet.